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Different types of Non-Verbal communication

Different symbols of non-verbal communication

Briefly discuss different types of non-verbal communication.
Briefly discuss different symbols of non-verbal communication.
We can express our feelings by our facial expression, eye movement, body movement of simply by touching others. So it can be observed that there are different types of non-verbal communication.

Types of Non-Verbal communication
At a Glance
  1. Facial expressions
  2. Tone and volume of voice (Paralanguage)
  3. Body language
  4. Gestures
  1. Personal appearance
  2. Touching behavior
  3. Time language
  4. Space and distance
  5. Silence .

Fig- 1 : Different facial expressions
1. Facial expressions :
Face is the index of mind. It tells us what is happening within a man. Facial expression, especially movements of eyes have different meanings. Happiness, Sorrow, Fear and all types of emotion can be expressed through our face and eyes.

2. Tone and Volume of voice ( Paralanguage ) :
Different tone of voice can create different meanings of same word. In the words of lesikar and Pettit, “Paralanguage involves how we say something. “Thus our interest or boredom, happiness or sorrow or any other attitudes can be expressed through pattern of voice.

3. Body language :
One of the major types of non-verbal communication is body language or ‘Kinesics’. We can also communicate our inner feeling through body movements. Not only by face and eyes but we can also convey message by moving our hands, by shaking our shoulders or by nodding our head.

4. Gestures :
Gesture is also a body movement but is a deliberate body movement to convey a specific message. Gestures include movements of the arms, legs, hands and head.
Example : By waving our hands we express ‘good-bye’; by shaking our head from side to side we express “we do not know”.

5. Personal appearance:
Personal appearance includes our clothing, our grooming and our consciousness to styles. It projects our self images to others. A person’s social status and attitude expressed through his / her personal appearance.

6. Touching behavior :
Touching is an effective non-verbal communication tool. Different ‘touch’ bear different meanings, for example.

Type of touch
Pat on the back or on the arm    >
Slapping    >
Touching head by fingers (in subcontinent) >
To support others opinion or Boostup
To express anger
To bless or to express goodwill .

7. Time language :
There is an old saying, “Time is money” – in modern business culture time is really important. By using our own attitude towards time we can convey specific message. For example, in our country sometimes some high officials show their importance by making other people wait for them. We can also demonstrate our eagerness or positive attitude by arriving at time.

8. Space and distance :
Space and distance are also meaningful non-verbal communication technique. Two colleagues of same rank can sit side by side in an office or even can walk keeping and in hand but a subordinate has to maintain a specific distance from his boss. Thus space end distance between different individuals indicate their position and relationship among them.

9. Silence :
Like other types of non-verbal communication a complete silence also can transmit our inner view of mind. Both positive and negative attitude can be expressed through silence.

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Finally it can be revealed that different types of non-verbal communication are indispensable part of our life.

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