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Definition of listening, The listening process

Definition of listening, The listening process

Hello dear pals here you will get the definition of listening and The listening process. kahulugan ng pakikinig, ano ang pakikinig,Ang pakikinig proseso. What is listening? I think you will get advantage from this article.
In our daily life we cannot make difference between ‘hearing’ and ‘listening’. But listening mean s interpretation of hearing. That is it involves understanding of a message.

In the words of Ricks and Gow – “Listening involves decoding the message so that its content can be used.”

Thill and Bovee said, “Listening involves five steps: sensing, interpreting, evaluating, remembering and responding.”

Thus it can be stated that listening starts with hearing and ends with interpreting and evaluating the message.

Listening Process: We have already mentioned that listening is not just hearing, rather it is a sequential process.

Layman, Barker and Watson identified five sequential steps of the listening process. Listening process can be depicted by the following configuration:
1. Sensing:
It is the hearing part of listening. In this step individual just register the information by hearing organ (Ears).

2. Interpreting:
Interpreting is the decoding process. That is, the received message explained in this step.

3. Evaluating:
In this phase the listener try to develop own opinion regarding the message.

4. Remembering:
Unless a message is remembered it can not be used for future reference.

5. Responding:
It is the last step of the listening process. It is the feedback to the received message.

Definition of listening, The listening process

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