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What is gesture and paralanguage?

What is gesture and paralanguage?

Hello dear friends here you will get the Explain gesture and paralanguage, What do you mean by gesture and paralanguage? and What is gesture and paralanguage?, Ano ang kilos at paralanguage? Friends I have written an article Importance of non-verbal communication last day.

What is Gesture?: ‘Kinesics’ or body movements are a major part of non-verbal communication and gesture is one kind of body movement.

In other words deliberate body movements are known as gesture. It includes movements of the arms, legs, hands, torso and head.

(a) “A forefinger and a thumb touching to from a circle” means OK.
(b) V = Victory sign

i. Type of body movements.
ii. Deliberate or intentional movement of hands, legs arms or head.
iii. Speaking and gesturing are linked.
iv. It bears specific meaning.

What is Paralanguage?: we can say the same word differently by using different tone and volume of voice. This difference in tone or volume can change the meaning of the world completely. Thus paralanguage means how we say something.

Conversation between teacher and students, teacher asked “What about your exam preparation?”
 i. It expresses different types of emotions and attitudes.
ii. Normally it emphasizes verbal message.
iii. It gives stress on the pattern of the voice rather than words.

What is gesture and paralanguage?

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