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Advantages and disadvantages of interviews

Define interview,objectives of an interview

Define interview. What are the objectives of an interview?
Interview is a systematic oral technique for obtaining data, directly from an individual. It is a conversation between two or more people, through which information are collected on a particular subject.

In the words of Dr. S. M. Amunuzzaman, “interview is a very systematic method hy which a person enters deeply into the life of even a stranger and can bring out needed information and data for the research purpose.

Thill and Bovee said that, “ an interview is any planed conversation with a specific purpose involving two or more people”.

Thus it can be stated that interview is an organized or planed conversation with a view to explore the unknown information from the interviewee.

Objectives of interview:
1. To collect information
2. To assess human behavior
3. To help research work.
4. To explore the unknown forces acting behind a problem.
5. To formulate hypothesis.
6. To help project evaluation.

Advantages and disadvantages of interview.
Interview is a very effective means to reveal the truth. In business interview is not only used for selecting appropriate candidates, rather it is also used for market survey, for investigation of any problem or to evaluate the satisfaction level of consumers.

The major advantages on interview are as follows:
1. To collect information:
Interview is a useful tool to collect unknown information on a specific subject.

2. Explore causes behind the problem:
In business, executives need to solve different types of problems. To explore or to find out the actual reasons behind the problem interview method can be used.

3. In depth analysis:
Through planed interviews detailed information can be collected which enables proper analysis of a problem.

4. Analysis of abstract factors:
Abstract factors like attitudes, feelings, opinion, etc. can be successfully evaluated or analyzed through interview.

5. Study of historical matters:
A historical matter can be studied by interviewing eye-witnesses and observers.

6. Solving labor problems:
Labor unrest and other disputes are very common in industries. Sometimes human resource managers use interview as a means of revealing actual causes behind the labor deputes.

7. Flexible:
One of the major advantages of interview is flexibility. That is depending on the situation it can be framed differently.

8. Cross checking:
To find the fact, cross checking questions can be included in an interview.

9. Reliable:
Interview is a direct method for collecting data in which personal barriers are eliminated. As a result findings of an interview are reliable.

10. Project evaluation:
Feasibility, economic viability and other aspects of a new project can be evaluated through interview.
Disadvantages/Demerits/Limitations of interview:
1. Biases of interviewer:
Always there is a possibility that interview process can be influenced by the biases of the interviewer.

2. Time consuming:
Preparation for the interview, taking interview and interpretation of the responses required much time which make the interview method time consuming.

3. Costly:
Generally interview method is expensive.

4. Inefficiency of the interviewer:
Interview is a systematic process of data collection. Success of an interview depends on the efficiency of the interviewer. Thus inefficiency of an interviewer can lead to misleading results.

5. Not suitable for personal matters:
Personal matters may not be revealed by interview method.

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