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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Memo

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Memo

 Hello dear friends here you will get Advantage and Disadvantage of a Memo. I guess you will get justify of Advantage and Disadvantages of a Memo. How to format a Memo?

Due to its various advantages memos are widely used in most of the organizations. Infect it is very popular means of communication within an organization. Major advantages are as follows:

1. Simple:
First of all it should be mentioned that memos are very simple in form and easy to use.
2. Time Saving:
As memos are written in very brief form it saves valuable time.
3. No Formalities:
Infect no formality is maintained in a memo. Salutation and complementary closing are also avoided from a memo.
4. Specific:
Perhaps the most important advantages of a memo are it is to the point. Only the main message are written very briefly in a memo.
5. Less Costly:
Memos are also cost saving. It is written in simple papers and can be transmitted very cheaply.

Disadvantages of a Memo:
As memos are used within an organization, it’s scope is limited. There are some limitations which are as follows:

1. limited scope:
The major demerits of a memo are its scope is limited. Detail information cannot be provided by a memo.
2. Lack of secrecy:
In case of memo secrecy is not maintained, thus secret messages cannot be transmitted through memos.
3. Not suitable for external communication:
Another shortcoming of memo is it cannot use for external communication.

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Memo

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