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Advantages and Disadvantages of a Report

Advantages and Disadvantages of a Report

Hello dear guess you will get Advantages of a Report and Disadvantages / limitations of a Report. I guess you will get information about Advantages and Disadvantages of a Report. I have posted What is Business Report? last day.
A business report is used as a managerial tool for solving problems and to assist decision making. Advantages or merits of a report are as follows:

Advantage/Merits of a Report:
1. Monitoring operations:
Through reports operational procedures of an organization can be monitored.

2. Controlling:
Managers often use reports to control the operations and take corrective actions.

3. Guide Decision:
Research reports, justification reports and troubleshooting reports help the top management to take decision.

4. Employee Motivation:
Now a day’s human resource managers use investigative reports to judge the attitudes of employees. In this way findings of the report are used for employee motivation.

5. Performance Evaluation:
Performance of employees can also be evaluated through reports. In our country executives prepare ACR (Annual Confidential Report) and this ACR is used later to evaluate performance of the employees.

6. Evaluation of Investment Proposals:
Another major advantage of business report is investment proposals can be evaluated through reports.

Disadvantages/ Limitations of a Report:
No doubt business report is a useful tool for the executives. In spite of its advantages it has some drawbacks. Basic limitations are as follows:

1. Reports can be biased
2. It is time consuming
3. Expensive
4. Sometimes implementation of the recommendations of a report becomes unrealistic.
5. Technical reports are not easily understandable.

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