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Different types of interview

Different types of interview

Hello dear friends here you will get different types of interview, the classification of interview, Iba't ibang uri ng pakikipanayam. I guess you will get advantage from this articles. Friends I have written and article What is face to face communication? last day.

From different point of view interview can be divided info different types. On the basis of purpose interview can be of as follows:
On the basis of formlessness interview can be divided into two types:
In business, for different situations different types of interviews are appropriate. Most common business interviews are as follows:
1. Information interviews:
Here a prepared list of questions is used to collect information from the respondent.

2. Non-directive/Counseling interview:
In this type of interview there is no preplanned set of questions. Here the interviewer encourages the respondent or employee to talk about his/her problem, without questioning him/her. A supervisor can create a suitable atmosphere in which the employee is able to speak freely about the problem.

3. Termination interview:
In this type of interview a supervisor inform an employee about the reasons for termination and tries to maintain a positive relationship with the employee to avoid legal procedures.

4. Evaluation interview:
Here executives or supervisors discuss with employees about their expected performances and evaluate areas that require improvement.

5. Routine interview/Job interview:
One of the routine functions of a company is evaluating candidates who are seeking job in the company. To explore the abilities and experiences of the applicant an organized interview is conducted.

6. Views assessing/Persuasive interview:
To know the views of the consumers about the products and services of the company this type of interviews are conducted.

7. Individual interview/Disciplinary interviews:
In this case an individual is interviewed. Here a supervisor takes measures to rectify the behavior of an employee.

8. Exit interview:
In this method the interviewer tries to find out the causes of employee turnover. That is why an employee is leaving the organization can be revealed by this type of interviews. And the findings can be further analyzed to decide whether there is any scope for improvement or not.

9. Warning/Conflict solving interview:
Here attempt is made to resolve the conflict between two or more employees by waring them or by creating a friendly atmosphere.

Different types of interview

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