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what is define of visual communication?

what is define of visual communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get Define visual communication. What are the advantages/importance/Purposes of visual communication? Friends I have written an article  What is gesture and paralanguage? last day.  

Communication through visible things can be termed as visible communication. Use of picture, bar diagram, graphs, poster, film, computer graphics, etc. are known as visual communication.
Advantages of visual communication:
Sometimes visual communication is more effective than other forms of communication. Major advantages of visual communications are as follows:

1. Easily understandable:
Pictures of diagram have universal meanings, these are easily understandable than written communication.

2. Suitable for illiterate people:
Illiterate people who can’t explore the meanings of written communication, but can understand the meanings of pictures.

3. Attractiveness:
Use of visual aids in reports enhance the effectiveness of the subject and makes the report attractive to the readers.

4. Suitable for executives:
Busy executives who are interested in the executive summary of a report, also able to get a clear idea quickly from the graphs and diagrams.

5. Helps in decision making:
Decisions regarding sales target or evaluation of selling’s performance can be quickly taken with the help of chronological graphs of annual sales.

what is define of visual communication?

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