Monday, November 7, 2011

Example of a letter of complaint

Example of a letter of complaint

Specimen of complaint letters

Example-2:  Claim against the poor quality of goods

Jacky and Brothers
Station Road
New York
30 December, 2011
Sales Manager
Jhon Electronics

Ref.: Od/17/9/2011

Dear sir,
We regret to inform you that the quality of the table fans and tube lights which you sent are not as per specification and of poor quality.

In our locality we always sell quality goods, thus to protect our goodwill and to protect the interest of our customers it will be very difficult on our part to accept the consignment. Thus it will be beneficial for both of us if you send a fresh consignment of quality goods in exchange of these inferiors’ goods.

We are looking forward for your logical decision.

Sincerely yours

Purchase Manager
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