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Guidelines for preparing employment letters

Guidelines for preparing employment letters

List the general guidelines for preparing employment letters.
Or, the factors need to be considered for drafting application/employment letter.
Or, the prerequisites for drafting an drafting an application for employment
Or, the elements of an application letter

Application letter infect acts as the cover of the resume. It should be clearly recognized that application letter is the first formal communication between the employer and the prospective employee. Thus to be successful an applicant or candidate should draft the application letter properly and effectively.

To prepare an effective application letter following factors should be considered.

Application letter

1. Draw attention:
By providing the specific information regarding the post for which the applicant is applying for attention of the employer can be drawn.

2. Information about the company:
Before preparing the application a candidate should collect detailed information regarding the company.

3. Following appropriate style:
In corporate sector a particular format in followed for application letter. To be accurate proper format should be followed.

Prof. Ricks and Gow advocated a four steps sandwich format for effective application letter, which is as follows.
The application letter sandwich
[Source: Ricks and Gow, 1987, p. 409]

4. Tone of courtesy:
Throughout the application letter a complete tone of courtesy should be maintained. Lack of courtesy treated as negative point which hampered the prospect of the candidate.

5. Tone of confidence:
Every employer like to see his/her employees confident about themselves. Moreover self confidence always treated positively. Thus a tone of confidence should be expressed by the application letter.

6. Neat and clean:
The application should be presented neatly and in a orderly manner which will ensure an uninterrupted flow of reading.

7. Clear presentation of qualifications:
By the application letter an applicant basically need to present him/her qualified for the declared post. Thus all the necessary qualifications which the applicant secured should be mentioned clearly. The following qualifications may be mentioned in an application letter sequentially:

8. Experience:
If the candidate has any experience then it should be noted chronologically.

9. Personal details:
As compulsory items following personal information must be provided in the application letter:
10. Achievements:
If the applicants have any special achievements or reward then it should be mentioned.

11. Reference:
if required by the employer candidate need to mention names of referees as reference.

12. signature:
Signature of the applicant also should be put in the application.

13. Enclosure:
Supporting documents must be properly enclosed with the application.
14. Selection of words:
Formal and familiar words should be used in an application. Use of unfamiliar and opposing words creates negative impression, about the candidate.

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