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Effective oral/verbal communication

Effective verbal communication

Hello dear friends here you will get Guidelines/Principles for effective oral communication or, Essentials of effective oral/verbal communication. I guess you will get advantage form this site and post. I have written Advantage and Disadvantage of a Report last article.
The attitudes of different people are different like their finger prints. So, if a salesman try to motivate all customers in the same way, it can be safely advocated that, he/she (salesman) will not be hundred percent (100%) successful. That is there is no single medicine for all the diseases.

Like these there is no single style of speaking which will be effective for all the purposes. Essential factors or guidelines of effective oral communication can be summarized as follows:

1. Appropriate word selection:
Depending on the education level, status and attitude of the receiver appropriate word should be choose for effective communication.

2. Brevity? Briefness:
In most of the cases long sentences and continuous talking creates confusion and main message lost. Thus oral conversations need to be brief.

3. Clear production:
This is perhaps a major precondition for effective oral communication. Poor pronunciation lead to misunderstanding and sometimes the image of the sender can be destroyed.

4. you-view point:
To make oral communication effective listener’s point of view should be considered, that is the attitude of the listener mist be analyzed.

5. Natural voice:
Speakers should use their natural voice in case of oral communication. Artificial voices may create communication gap.

6. Simple to complex:
To hold the attention of the listener and to make him/her easy one should start with simple explanation of the matter then can move to detailed discussion.

7. Avoid technical words:
To be effective, in oral communication technical words and jargons should be avoided.

8. Courteous:
In case of oral communication the speaker should maintain courtesy throughout the communication. Courteous behavior is a precondition for successful oral communication.

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