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Techniques of oral communication

Techniques of oral communication

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Oral communication can be accomplished through different media. The most common methods of oral communication are as follows: Techniques of oral communication.
1. Face to face conversation:
The oldest form of oral communication is face to face communication. Here two or more persons exchange ideas and information in a face to face situation. Techniques of oral communication.

2. Conversation over telephone:
Conversation between two persons who are staying in a distance place can be possible through telephone. Telephonic conversation works almost like face to face conversation.

3. Meeting of Oral communication:
It is also a face to face situation but not between two persons rather a group of people get together to discuss on a particular subject.

4. Video conference:
It is a technology based oral communication. Here different groups of people staying different geographical location can share their views and take decision on a specific issue. This kind of oral communication can be held by the help of video and satellite technology. Techniques of oral communication.

5. Interview:
It is a method of oral communication where information’s are collected by asking questions.
The interviewers prepared a list of questions and later ask those questions to the interviewee. Techniques of oral communication.

6. Radio and television:
These are means of one way communication. Radio is oral communication where only audio technology is used and messages only can be informed. But television is an audio-visual technology where oral messages are supported by video pictures. In fact radio, television are mass media.

These are the basic forms or media of oral communication. Besides these seminars, counseling, announcement etc. are also media of oral communication.

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