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The functions or duties of a company secretary

The functions or duties of a company secretary

Hello dear friends here you will get the functions or duties of a company secretary. Friends you also get anther article about How a company secretary can be removed from this post? As an important person of the company a secretary has to perform various functions. Even before the incorporation of the company a secretary is appointed to conduct the promotional activates regarding the formation of the company.

The function or duties of a company secretary can be discussed in the following manner:
(A) Pre-incorporation functions
(B) Post-incorporation function
(C) Routine functions

(A) Pre-Incorporation function: Functions performed by the first secretary of a company before the incorporation of the company is known as the pre-incorporation functions. Generally following activates performed in pre-incorporation stage:
1. Functions regarding the registration of the company.
2. Drafting articles of association.
3. Drafting articles of association.
4. Collecting certificate of incorporation form the registrar of the companies.
5. Conducting meeting among the promoters.

(B) Post-incorporation Functions: Following functions are accomplished by a company secretary after the incorporation of the company:
1. Arranging the meeting of the board of directors.
2. Collection of the certificate of commencement.
3. Arranging the statutory meeting of the company.
4. Preparation of statutory report etc.

(C) Routine functions: Routine functions of a company secretary can be classified into following categories:
1. Functions relating to shareholders:
i. Circulation of the prospectus.
ii. Receiving application for shares.
iii. Checking applications
iv. Making calls and taking initiative to collect calls-in arrears.
v. Distribution of share certificates.
vi. Informing the shareholders regarding meeting by notice.
vii. Declaration of dividend.

2. Functions regarding directors:
i. Arranging the meetings of board of directors (BOD)
ii. Preparation of minutes
iii. Implement the decisions of the Board meeting.
iv. Informing relevant matters to the BOD.

3. Functions regarding the meetings of the company:
i. Arranging different types of meetings.
ii. Preparation of agenda of meeting.
iii. Providing notice to the members
iv. Assist to run the meeting.
v. preparation of the minute book.
vi. Informing the members regarding the resolution passed in the meeting.

4. Advisory functions:
i. Providing relevant information to the top management to assist routine administrative functions.
ii. Assist policy formulation.
iii. Provide advice on the raising of funds
iv. Provide direction for negotiating third parties.
v. Assist in drafting agreement.

5. Liaison functions: Besides the above specific functions a company secretary maintain link among the concerned parties of the company. A company secretary in treated as the principal liaison officer of the company.

The functions or duties of a company secretary

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