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The importance of a secretary

The importance of a secretary

Hello dear friends here you will get the importance of a secretary. As work load of executives increases, the importance of secretarial function also increases considerably, with the dramatic improvement of communication system the world become a global village.

No individual or firm can expect to gain competitive advantage without concentrating on the external communication. As a result in a modern organization secretary is not treated as a receptionist or a liaison officer, rather he/she is an indispensable part of the management.

In the words of R. Pal and J. S. Korlahalli, “The position (of secretary) is considerably changed now; the secretary has gained the confidence of the management and has come to be recognized as the principal officer of the company.”

The importance of a secretary can be discussed in the following manner:
1. Information collection: A private secretary or a company secretary who ever it is, the position of the secretary become extremely important for both individual and firm. One of the major reasons is secretary is that person who collect and preserve all relevant information and provide it in time to the concerned parties.

2. Making policies: Secretary of a modern firm is not busy with only steno typing or taking dictation. He is fully associated with the formulation of long-range and short-term corporate policies and programmers.

 3. Providing advice: As a qualified person having knowledge about various area of commerce, secretary also play important role by providing advice to the top management.

4. Organize meeting: In arranging meeting the role of secretary has immense important to the firm. In the following way secretary play significant role in arranging meeting:

i. Preparing Agenda
ii. Providing Notice
iii. Preserving minute book
iv. Preparation of reports etc.

5. Raising funds: In a modern company secretary is also involved in the process of raising funds from external sources. Secretary assists to prepare ‘prospectus’ which is disclosed for public issues of shares.

6. Transfer of shares: The process of share transfer is also assisted by the secretary.

7. Assist in making appointment schedule: Appointment schedule of the executive or of the employer also prepared by a secretary.

8. Negotiating business purchases: In case of business purchases, mergers, and etc secretary assist considerably by taking part in the negotiation with concerned practices.

9. Correspondence with stakeholders: Secretary bridges the gap between the stakeholders of the firm, viz. shareholders, directors, creditors, financial institutions, government agencies etc.

10. Efficiency: by establishing link among the concerned parties secretary ensure coordination, which ultimately increase the overall efficiency of the firm.

Besides these secretary also files different types of documents to the registrar of companies in compliance with the companies act.

The importance of a secretary

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