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What is company secretary?

What is company secretary?

Hello dear friends here you will get What is company secretary? and Define company secretary. Unlike a private secretary the status of a company secretary is legally defined. The person who holds the position of the secretary of a company can be termed as ‘company secretary’.
Indian companies act, 1956 (amended, 1974), defines a secretary as “Any individual possessing the prescribed qualifications appointed to perform the duties which may be performed by a secretary under this act and any other ministerial or administrative duties.”

In the words of Prof. sen & Mitra, “The secretary is an officer of the company having specified duties.

Prof. R. Pal and J. S. Korlahalli stated that, “He (Secretary) acts as a vital link between the company, Board of directors, shareholders and the Government and other regulating agencies.”

From the above definitions following features of a company secretary can be identified:
i. has a legal position.
ii. Duties specified by the law.
iii. Should have appropriate qualification.
iv. Link among concerned parties.

Thus it can be said that the person who appointed as a secretary in compliance with the companies Act., performing prescribed duties and maintaining link among the stakeholders can be labeled as ‘company secretary’.

What is company secretary?

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