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Different media of internal communication

Different media of internal communication

Hello dear friends here you will get the Different media of internal communication. Different methods/forms of internal communication.

Internal communication can be made through different media. It should be noted that internal communication includes both downward and upward communication. It also includes horizontal communication to peers/colleagues.

Media/Forms of Downward communication:
When managers of superiors communicate information to subordinates then it is known as downward communication. Usually manager’s use following media:
1. Bulletin Boards:
In big organizations managers use bulletin boards or notice board to inform messages to subordinates.

2. Company Periodicals:
Information or directions also can be communicated through articles published in the company periodicals.

3. Directives:
Policies and procedures of the company may be communicated to employees through directives.

4. E-mail, Telephone and Fax:
To inform messages quickly within the same branch or to different branches now managers use e-mail, telephone and fax. These are cheap and information can be transmitted immediately.

5. Face to face discussion:
To share views on mutual interest face to face discussion is an effective media.

6. Grapevine:
Though it is an informal channel but widely used. Through grapevine information spread very quickly among subordinates. But there is a chance of distortion of the message as it passes from one employee to another.

7. Handbook:
Usually handbooks are used to inform following messages to newly employed subordinates:
i. Responsibilities
ii. Norms & values of the firm
iii. Benefits, etc.

8. Information Racks:
It serves like a bulletin board. It is used to convey information of interest to employees. It should be kept in a place where employees get together.

9. Letters:
Letters are very common media for transmitting messages. For some specific purposes letters are very useful.

10. Memos:
Perhaps the most frequently used media of internal communication is memos. Messages are written briefly in a memo.

11. Posters:
To inform special news or to create awareness among employees on a particular matter posters are effective.

Media of Upward Communication: When information provided by the subordinates to the superiors or managers that is labeled as upward communication. Media or forms of upward communication can be listed as follows:
1. Reports: It is a widely used means for upward communication or internal communication. Detailed and analytical information can be provided through reports.

2. Quality Circles: Quality circles are small groups of employees get together to identify solutions to specific problems and present it to the top management.

3. Questionnaires: Through designed questionnaires information can be transmitted to management from subordinates.

4. Open-door Policy: In this case, employees or subordinates can freely express their views to the top management.

5. Complaint Boxes: This is a relatively traditional but very effective means of internal communication. Here subordinates can drop their complaints in written form to inform the management.

6. E-mail, Telephone and Fax: In modern times these are most frequently used means of internal communication.

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