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Different types of technology or device used in communication

Different types of technology or device used in communication

Hello dear friends here you will get Different types of technology or device used in communication. Different types of electronic devices used in modern communication.

Communication itself is not new, from the very early stage of human civilization even before that men communicate with each other. Symbols were the primary tools for human communication; with the progress of time-language developed. In the later periods written communication emerged. But the very nature of human is invention for ‘better life’. As a result modern and improved technologies has been invented and not yet finished. Like other fields the development and invention of modern technologies change the whole arena of business communication.

Telegraph, typewriter, telephone, copier, radio, FAX, computer, internet, these are the different sequential inventions which contributes considerably in the development of communication.

Modern technology plays vital role for the development of both oral and written communication. Now we will discuss use of modern devices in-case of written and oral communication separately.

(A) Modern devices used in written communication: 
Modern devices, especially electronically devices’ make written communication easier than ever. Speed of communication increased and the quality also improved with the aid of modern technologies. Modern devices widely used for written communication are as follows:
1. Electronic typewriters:
In comparison to computer and internet, electronic typewriter is relatively old but still used in lot of small business concerns. In fact it is a typewriter which has memory. The matter is displayed in a small monitor before printed on a pepper. Thus spelling can be checked which increases the accuracy.
2. Computer:
Perhaps changes in business communication most influenced by the emergence of computer. Computer is a electronically device which can perform the task of word-processing. In short computer plays vital role in business communication in the following manner:
  •  Storing data
  •  Quick word processing
  •  Spelling check
  •  Helps e-mail communication
  •  Desktop publishing
  •  Facilitate date revising
  •   Analysis of past data
3. CD-ROM:
In the field of electronically invention CD-ROM is a new addition. It is a compact disk which can be read by a computer. The main advantage of CD-ROM is it can contain huge amount of data. Thus analytical reports and lager volume reports can be sent in written form by CD-ROM.

4. FAX:
It is a communication device through which picture of the original document can be transmitted within few seconds. Here both sender and receiver need to have FAX machine. Pictures, composed letters, hand writings or any written documents can be transmitted through FAX. A telephone line is essential for FAX communication. Here a light source scans the original documents by using a lens or a laser then converts the documents into electronic signals and sends to the receiving unit. The receiving units reconverts the electronic signals and send to the receiving unit. The receiving unit reconverts the electronic signals into picture.

5. E-mail:
Electronic mail (E-mail) means sending of messages through electronic network. Here messages are through electronic network. Here messages are written in a computer but send through satellite. E-mail has become an indispensable and convenient tool to communicate and build better relationship with others. Advantages of E-mail are as follows:

i. Quick transmission of documents
ii. Cost savings
iii. It may be revised, sent and received.

6. Internet:
It is a large computer network which connects may peoples throughout the world. It is a universal communication media through which FAX, voice mail, and any written documents can be transmitted. Now Internets are also used for telephone, teleconference, video-conference, etc.

Internet converts the whole world into a global village. It bridges the gaps between distant parties and facilitates continuous communication. Through internet following benefits can be enjoyed by all concerned parties:

i. Multinational companies can ensure better control on their employees.
ii. Enables smooth supply of raw material and JIT (Just in time) purchase.
iii. Facilitate better customer service.
iv. E-commerce.
v. Close contact with business partners.

(B) Modern devices used in oral communication: 
Oral communication also improved by the contribution of modern technologies. Following modern technologies are used in oral communication:
1. Land Telephones:
Land telephones are most common device that used in all modern offices. It is time and cost saving. Even after the invention of mobile phones it has its own importance in the field of business communication.

2. Mobile phones:
Mobile phones are the latest addition to the technologies used for business communication. Now managers can keep touch with the organization even remaining out of the work station.

3. Voice mail system:
Voice mail is like e-mail but here user does not need to have a computer. Voice mail sends verbal messages to any number of mail boxes. It can make employees more efficient.

4. Telephone answering machine:
It can store messages in absence of the receiver and also solved the problem of time zone difficulties.

5. Voice conference:
In this system telephone conversation shared among several individuals through networked, computers or through internet. It facilitates decision making and implementation of decision.

6. Chat system:
By chat system concerned parties can share ideas, regarding business matters. One of the major advantages of chat system is, it can store the dialogues of all members which can be reviewed by other team members who were not present during the chat.

7. Electronic meeting system:
Meetings are extremely important for decision making purpose. Electronic meeting system facilitates group decision making. It uses Group Support System (GSS) software which make the group communication easier.

Different types of technology or device used in communication

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