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What are the qualities of a good report?

What are the qualities of a good report?

Hello dear friends here you will get What are the essential features of a good report? The qualities of a good report.

Complex problem can be solved by the recommendations of a report or routine functions can be smoothly completed with the help of reports. But the above functions can not be done efficiently unless the report is effective.

According to Thill and Bovee, “all good reports have at least three things in common. i. The information is accurate ii. The content shows the writer’s good judgment and iii. The format, style an organization responds to the reader’s need".

Essential features of a good report are as follows:
1. Accuracy: The first quality of an effective business report is accuracy. It should reveal the truth.

2. Good judgment: The investigator must use his or her best judgment to find the fact and in the preparation of the report.

3. Easy language: In preparing the report, easily understandable words should be used.

4. Responsive format: Appropriate format or style should be followed to reflect the reader’s needs. In making decisions about format and style following points should be considered.
5. Bias free: While making recommendations personal beliefs or any sort of biases should be avoided.

6. Clarity: Like other media of communication, reports also should maintain clarity.

7. Conciseness: Irrelevant and unnecessary information must be avoided.

What are the qualities of a good report?

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