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The steps to writing a report

The steps to report writing

Hello dear friends here you will get the steps to writing a report. Preparation of a report is a systematic and sequential task. Report writing has eight (8) sequential steps.
1. Define the problem: The first step of report writing is identifying the problem and the purpose of the study. The success of the report largely depends on the identification of purposes. That is the objective of the report must be determined before outlining the issues for investigation.

2. Outlining the issues for investigation: after determining the problem and purposes of the report writing issues or areas which will be investigated must be fixed. That is the whole problem should be subdivided to cover every important aspect. In other words possible causes of a problem should be clearly identified for investigation.

3. Prepare a work plan: The third step of report writing is to establish a work plan. This work plan will be prepared on the basis of the outlines. The work plan includes the following things:
i. Selection of sources of data.
ii. Selection of survey employees.
iii. Estimate cost.
iv. Selection of the format of the report.
V. fixation of time schedule for different activities.

4. Conduct research: in this step data are collected from both primary and secondary sources. Documentary evidences, observations, surveys etc. are the primary sources. On the other hand previously published books, periodicals and reports are considered as secondary sources. For collection of primary data a questionnaire can be developed.

5. Analyze data: After conducting the research the researcher need to analyze and interpret his/her findings with the help of statistical tools.

6. Draw conclusions: on the basis of evidences and analysis researches formulate a conclusion. Infect conclusion is the logical interpretation of the findings. It may be based on a combination of facts, value judgments, and assumptions.

7. Develop recommendations: Conclusions are opinions but recommendations are suggestions for action. Recommendations must offer real Advantages to the organizations and it should be financially feasible.

8. Writing the report: Finally the report should be written in such a manner which will be easily understandable and acceptable by the audience. The report should follow the ‘you-view’ that is it should be user oriented. The writer also should be careful about the margins and spaces.

The steps to report writing

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