Friday, May 4, 2012

What is external communication?

What is external communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get Define external communication. What are the objectives of external communication? What do you mean by external communication? Ano ang panlabas na komunikasyon?, The purposes of external communication.

For the very survival organizations are continuously exchanging information with suppliers, investors, customers and with all the concerned parties. All these communications with external parties are known’s as external communication.
According to Thill and Bovee, “External communication links the organization with the outside world of customers, suppliers, competitors and investors. “Thus, exchanging messages with the outsiders can be labeled as external communication.

Objectives/Purposes of external communication:
Major objectives of external communication are as follows:
1. To inform customers:
The very existence or survival of an organization depends on the successful communication with the customers and clients. Any organization need to communicate with the customers to inform them regarding-
i. Existing facilities
ii. New product
iii. Express goodwill
iv. Problem solving

2. Contact with investors:
A company also needs to communicate with its investors that are with the shareholders regarding meetings, dividends, or any other matter of interest.

3. Ensure smooth supply of raw material:
An organization must made regular contacts with the suppliers to ensure timely and proper supply of raw materials.

4. To cope-up with rules and regulations:
Organizations need to keep contact with government agencies like tax authorities, licensing authorities, foreign trade authorities, Securities and Exchange Commission etc. to cope-up with the prescribed rules and regulations.

5. Ensure proper financing:
Financing is one of the major tasks of the management. To ensure proper financing, an organization has to maintain relation with the banks, debt holders and financial institutions.

6. Managing risk:
To manage and to minimize risk an organization also need to keep contact with insurance companies.

7. Mange legal aspects:
Organizations are to maintain relationships with lawyers to manage legal aspects.

8. Creation of goodwill:
To survive and to create goodwill companies also need to maintain close relationship with the following external parties:

i. Environmental organizations
ii. Consumers association
iii. Sports organization
iv. Print media
v. Tele media
vi. Cultural organizations
vii. Religious organizations
viii. Organizations for destitute, etc.

From the above discussion it can be revealed that, as organizations are part of the society and using physical and human resources of the society they (organizations) have to maintain continuous relationship with different bodies of the society through external communication.

What is external communication?

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