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How technology is changing communication

How technology is changing communication

Hello dear friends here you will get how technology is changing communication The influences of modern technologies on business communication.

With the introduction of modern communication technologies world has become a global village and the corporate sector entered into a new ‘Information age.’ Communicating with others become much easier but in the same time responsibilities of the professional managers increased a lot.

The major influences of modern technologies are as follows:
1. Easier and Faster communication: The explosion of information technology makes communication easier and faster than over.

2. Changes the flow of information: Due to easy access to the information system the traditional views has been changed. Now by breaking the chain of command anybody can communicate with anyone within and outside of the organization.

3. Downsizing: Though many people thinks it has a negative effect, but the reality is-the introduction of modern communication technologies isolate some people from employment opportunities.

4. Increasing pressure on employees: Latest communication technologies blur the line between work life and home life. (Thill and Bovee: 1996) as a result any person has to be prepared to respond immediately even he/she on a vacation.

5. Expansion of market:Now international borders among different countries can not separate people from each other because of communication technology. Thus companies can spread their market to foreign countries.

Besides these managerial functions also become easier to perform and customers satisfaction can be improved by using recent technologies of communication.

How technology is changing communication

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