Thursday, May 31, 2012

What do you mean by informal report?

What do you mean by informal report?

Hello dear friend here you will get what do you mean by informal report? What is informal report?, Define informal report. Mention the features of informal report and you also get The important or uses of informal report.

Informal reports basically used for routine functions of an organization. Informal reports are widely used in corporate sector for conveying routine internal messages. There are not research based and take short time to prepare.

In the words of Ricks and Gow, “informal reports are commonly used vehicles to help managers in planning, organizing, staffing and controlling.”

Staff report, progress report, short audit reports etc. are examples of informal report. Features of informal report;
1. Used for conveying routine messages
2. Helps in day to day managerial functions.
3. Begin directly with conclusions and recommendations.
4. Length is short.
5. Introductory and prefatory parts are not required.
6. Usually follow preprinted form, letter formal or memo format.
7. Basic objectives are to inform and to recommend action.

The important or uses of informal report
Informal reports are used frequently to support routine business functions. It is very important for smooth operation of an organization. Uses of informal reports are as follow:
1. To inform weekly production
2. to record absenteeism.
3. Weekly or quarterly sales progress.
4. To inform consumers complaints.
5. To transmit data relating to labor turnover (By the supervisor to Human Resource Manager)
6. Performance report
7. To inform the effectiveness of promotional activities.

What do you mean by informal report?

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