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Major methods of external communication

Major methods of external communication

Hello dear friends here you will get The media of external communicationDifferent means/methods of external communication. pangunahing pamamaraan ng panlabas na komunikasyon.

Any business organization depends on external communication for the accomplishment of its goal. There are different media for external communication. A particular media is selected on the basis of the nature and importance of the information. Location of the receiver also considered in selecting a media. The most common means of external communication are as follows:

1. Letters:
Detailed information can be conveyed through letters. Letters not only convey the message but also can create favorable image of the firm.

2. E-mail:
It is a modern media of external communication. It is cheap and information can be transmitted very quickly. When immediate feedback or response is necessary then messages conveyed through e-mail.

3. Fax:
For external communication especially to communicate with foreign parties. FAX is used as a communication tool. When the exact copy of the original document is required then FAX is used.

4. Telephone:
When a direct conversation is required then organizations use telephone to solve it.

5. Face-to-face discussion:
For special purposes depending on the importance of the matter, external communication can take place in a face-to-face situation.

6. Print and audio-visual media:
An organization need to communicate with the people of the society to inform its activities. To make this mass communication different print media (Newspaper, periodicals) and audio-visual media (Radio and Television) are used.

7. Handbills and leaflets:
Companies also distribute handbills and leaflets among the people to inform them regarding its products and services.

Major methods of external communication

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