Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Movement of a memo

The Movement of a memo

Hello dear friends here you will get The Movement of a memo. Memo is a means of written communication which is used within the organization. It can move either of the following three ways:
i. Downward
ii. Upward
iii. Horizontal

1. Downward: when memos carry information form managers to subordinates then it is termed as downward movement of memo.

Purposes of Downward:
i. Request for information
ii. Providing directions
iii. Announcing appointments
iv. Information regarding employees’ benefits.

Downward movement of memos can be depicted as follows:
Fig-3: Downward movement of memo.

2. Upward: when memos convey information or response of subordinates to superiors then it is called upward movement of memo.

Purposes of Upward:
i. Response to information previously asked
ii. Making request to superior
iii. Sending reports
3. Horizontal: when memos move to same level of employees then it is labeled as horizontal movement of memo. For example; if assistant manager of production department send a memo to assistant manager of finance department then it is known as horizontal or lateral movement of memo.

 Fig: Horizontal Movement of memo

 The Movement of a memo

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