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Advantages of written communication

advantages of written communication

Hello dear here you will get the advantage of written communication or, The merits of written communication.

Due to its various advantages written communication has its own place in the field of communication. The major advantages of written communication are as follows:

Advantages of written communication

1. Permanent record:
Written communication generally services as a documentary evidence. Previous records can be used for future references.

2. Legal acceptance:
As written communication kept as permanent record it has legal acceptance in eye of law.
3. Better control:
Oral directions sometimes create confusions, but written communication is clear and effective measure for control. Advantages of Written Communication.

4. Goodwill creation:
Through written communication a firm can create positive images or goodwill among the customers.
5. Large scope:
In comprise on to oral communication on to oral communication the scope of written communication is much larger. A firm can send written messages all over the world. Advantages of Written Communication.

6. Assignment of responsibility:
Through written directions it is easier to assign responsibilities to subordinates.
7. More accurate:
Usually written communications are made in a systematic manner and with lot of care, thus it is more accurate than oral communication. Advantages of written communication.

Written communication is not only a major media of communication but for some specific business purposes it is the only means of communication.

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