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Objectives of Mass Communication

Objectives of Mass Communication

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Objectives of Mass Communication are as follows:
1. To create awareness:
Mass communication is used to create awareness among the mass people regarding health, sanitation and other matters of public interests.

2. Provide information:
The government or social organization use mass communication provides useful information to large group of people in the same time.

3. For distance education:
Mass communication can be effectively used for distance education.
4. To uplift morale of people:
During flood, famine or any types of natural calamities mass communication is used to uplift the morale of the people.

5. To increase government’s revenue:
To increase the revenue of the government mass communication can play vital role by inspiring people to pay tax in time.

6. To motivate people:
Mass communication is an important tool by which people can be motivated for a particular purpose.
7. Expansion of business:
Business organizations also can use mass communication to expand the volume of the business.

8. Political campaign:
Mass communication is widely used b y the political parties for promoting the acceptance of the party among the mass people.

Mass Communication

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