Friday, January 13, 2012

What is cross communication?

What is cross communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get what do you mean by diagonal or cross communication? What are the features of diagonal communication? I guess you will get advantage from this site and post here.

When executives and employees of different departments communications each other without maintaining formal chain of command then it can be termed as diagonal or cross communication.
In this type of communication, systems of vertical Communication or horizontal communication are not followed. For example, if manager of the finance department communication with the production supervisor breaking the chain of command then it will be diagonal/ cross communication.

Cross communication

Fig: 8 diagonal communication
If we observe the above figure we will be able to understand that, executives of different departments are communication directly with lower level employees of other departments by breaking the chain of command. Cross Communication.

Features of diagonal or cross communication:
1. Do not follow formal chain of command.
2. Quick communication
3. Creates friendly environment
4. Enhance coordination.
5. Increase quality of decision
6. Lack of control.

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