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Principles of effective writing

Principles of effective writing

Hello dear here you will get 5 c’s of Effective Writing or, What are the principles of effective writing? I guess you will get advantage from this site. Written Business Communication

Winston Churchill said, “Little men use big words, and big men use little words”. In case of writing we should follow the instruction of this big man. Generally short and clear words communicate better. For effective writing we should not only use familiar words but also need to realize the understanding level of the reader. There are different principles of effective writing but communication experts think that in any types of writing readers’ interests should be emphasized by the writer.
5 C’s of effective writing

principles of effective writing

1. Clear:
The basic principles of effective writing are the message should be presented ‘clearly’. Message should be easily understandable by the reader.

2. Concise:
Irrelevant and unnecessary words should be eliminated. The message should be short and complete. Unnecessary words and long sentences interrupt reader’s attention and failed to achieve the goal.
3. Complete:
The message should be short, but in the same time it should be complete. That is, all the required information must be provided by the writer.

4. Correct:
A concise and complete but wrong message is meaningless. Thus the given message must be authentic and grammatically, correct. Wrong information not only disturbs the effectiveness of writing but also adversely affect the goodwill of the firm.

5. Courteous:
Last but not the least tool for effective writing is ‘courtesy’. By emphasizing reader’s interest and selecting right words creates courtesy. Courteous tone in the writing not only serves the specific purpose but also boost up the image of the organization.

These are the basic principles for effective writing which should be followed to accomplish the desired goal of writing. Principles of effective writing. Written Business Communication

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