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What are the different media of upward communication?

What are the different media of upward communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get briefly discuss different forms of upward communication or, What are the different media of upward communication? I guess you will get advantage of different media of upward communication form this site and post.
Widely used media of upward communication are as follows:
1. Reports:
Lower level employees can transmit information to superiors through formal and informal reports.
2. Social gatherings:
In big companies social gatherings are arranged on a regular basis which gives opportunities to the lower level employees to communicate directly with the top management. Upward communication.

3. Suggestions box:
In many companies there is a box kept in a suitable place, in which employees can drop their suggestions and complaints regarding company policies. Upward Communication.

4. Direct contact:
To initiate upward communication employees can make direct contact with the superiors.
5. Counseling:
It is another media of upward communication. In counseling employees can discuss the superiors about their problems. Upward Communication.

6. Questionnaire:
Information can be collected from employees through organized and printed questionnaire.
7. Interview:
Interview method also helpful for upward communication. Through interview subordinates are asked regarding their problems and employees get an opportunity to express their views.Upward Communication.

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