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Factors for effective downward communication

Factors for effective downward communication

Hello dear friends here you will get what are the essential factors for effective downward communication? or, What factors should be considered to make the downward communication effective? I guess you will get advantage from here.

Downward communication is the most common form of communication in an organization. But unfortunately in many organizations it becomes just a formality through which information can be transmitted but inspiration can not be transmitted. As a result creativity and enthusiasm of the employees decreased. Therefore to ensure effective downward communication following factors must be considered:
1. Appropriate media:
Downward communication can be possible either by oral or by written communication. But effectiveness of communication depends on the selection of appropriate media.

2. Positive attitude:
As downward communication strictly follows the chain of command. There is always a chance of mechanization of the process. Accordingly employees do not actively participate in the communication process. To eliminate this trend managers have to show positive attitude towards the employees.

3. Opportunity for feedback:
To make the downward communication effective managers have to create opportunities for feedback from the lower level employees.

4. Development of trust:
Trust between superiors and a subordinate is the precondition for successful downward communication.

5. Planned:
It is not enough to follow the traditional rules. To make the downward communication effective, managers have to be creative and plan the whole process of communication.

6. Degree of decentralization:
To minimize the distortion of information managers should allow decentralization in the organizational structure.

7. Inspiration:
Positive attitude, planning of the communication system, allowing feedback and all others measures for effective downward communication will not work unless proper inspirations are given to the employees.

8. Evaluation of employees’ attitude:
To make a downward communication effective executives also need to evaluate employees attitudes.

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