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Advantages of downward communication

Advantages of downward communication

Hello dear friends here you will get the advantages and disadvantages of downward communication. I guess here you will get advantage from here.
Advantages of downward communication:
Advantages of downward communication are as follows:
1. Discipline:
Downward communication follows the official chain of command thus discipline can be maintained.

2. Operational efficiency:
In case of downward communication employees always receive instruction from the executives, as a result their operational efficiency increased.

3. Warning the employees:
Downward communication is a means of control. If performance of an employee is deviated from expectation, then through downward communication his or her immediate superior can warn him to correct the fault.

4. Notification/Announcement:
New policies or any change in the existing polices can be informed to the employees through downward notices.

5. Watching the performance:
Performance of the employees can be watched or evaluated through downward communication.

6. Assignment of goals:
Executives inform the employees about their responsibilities and assign ‘the individual goals’ that must be achieved.

7. Relation establishment:
In downward communication superiors not only provide instructions but also provide inspiration to the employees. As a result relationship between top management and employees improved.

8. Delegation of authority:
An individual will not be able to perform his/her duty properly unless sufficient authority is given. Under downward communication system delegation of authority becomes easier through the chain of command.

Downward communication

Disadvantages of downward communication:
Disadvantages of downward communication are as follows:
1. Distortion:
As downward communication follows the formal chain of command information passes through the chain from top to bottom. Thus there is chance of distortion of the massage when it reaches to the ultimate users.

2. Lack of feedback:
Usually downward communication does not allow immediate feedback, which can reduce the efficiency of communication.

3. Time consuming:
As information flows orderly step by step so the process becomes time consuming.

4. Negative impact on morale:
Long process, time consuming and lack of feedback creates negative impact on the morale of employees.
5. Not suitable for motivation:
Due to over dependence on formal channels downward communication is not suitable for motivating employees.

6. Lack of interpretation:
Instructions are available in downward communication but due to lack of feedback necessary interpretation may not be achieved in time.

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