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How to format a memo?

How to format a memo?

Hello dear friends here you will get How to format a Memo?, Show format of a Memo by identifying different parts, Memorandum Format. I guess you will get advantage from this site and post. What is Memo?

A memo has different parts which are as follows: How to Format a Memo?
1. Heading:
Under the heading name and address of the company are written. Most of the firm use memo with printed heading.

2. To:
This is one of the Major elements of a memo. Here the names of the receiver are written.
3. From:
The name of the sender must be mentioned in a memo. It takes place usually one line below the name of the receiver. The designation of the sender also can be written. How to format a memo?

4. Subject:
As memo is a short or brief form of communication, the specific purpose of the memo must be mentioned clearly.

5. Date:
Date is an indispensable part of a memo. Date is very important for the memos carrying orders, directions or policy implementation messages. How to format a memo?

6. Body/Message:
Under this section the information or messages should be clearly a briefly stated. There is no scope to use unnecessary sentences in a memo. The main information must be stated precisely.

7. Initials:
Initials are used to show who prepare the memo. It is infect the name of the writer or the name of the typist. It is shown in the left margin and below the main message. How to format a memo?

Here the 1st one is the initials of the writer and the 2nd one is the initials of the typist.

8. Enclosure:
It appears at the bottom of a memo. Name of the additional papers sent with the memo are mentioned here. How to format a memo?

These are the major parts of a memo, besides these sometimes copy notation and signature of the sender also mentioned.

How to format a memo?

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