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What is effective feedback?

What is effective feedback?

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Feedback is the final kink in the communication process. It puts the response of the receiver back into the process and completes the communication cycle. Thus feedback is essential or indispensable for effective communication.

If no feedback is received the sender cannot be sure about the understanding of the receiver.
Ricks and Gow said, “Feed back must be providing within the communication system to make certain that mutual understanding is achieved”.
                                                               Fig. – 5: Feedback

Effective feedback

For the following reasons feedback is essential for effective communication:
1. Understand receiver’s view:
Through feedback the reaction of the receiver can be easily understood and following steps can be taken.

2. Completing communication process:
Infect without feedback there is no communication at all. Whether the messages of the sender is accepted or rejected, used or not by the receiver cannot be realized without feedback.

3. Achievement of goal:
Each and every communication has a predetermined objective. Through feedback that objective can be achieved.

4. Effective decision making:
Within the organization the feedback of employees help the top management in taking effective decision.

5. Pre-requisite for further communication:
Feedback of the previous communication is a prerequisite/ precondition for the further/ future communication.

For example; in a game of chess the next move of a player completely depends on the move of his/her opponent. Like this, in business communication future correspondence totally depends on the previous feedback of the receiver.

Thus it can be revealed that for effective communication the response of the receiver (feedback) is essential. Finally it can be stated that feedback not only improves communication but also enhance the managerial performance.

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