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Disadvantage of written communication

Disadvantage of written communication

Hello dear friends here you will get The Demerits/disadvantage of written communication.
The limitations of written communication. I guess you will get advantage from this site.
In spite of its various advantages written communication have some disadvantages also. Limitations/disadvantages of written communication are as follows:

Disadvantage of written communication

1. No-immediate feedback:
The basic limitation of written communication is it has no immediate feedback.
2. Time consuming:
As written communication prepared by maintaining formality, thus it is time consuming also.

3. Costly:
Another major disadvantage of written communication is, it is costly. It includes cost of paper, printing, and postage. Disadvantage of written communication.
4. Formality:
There are some formalities in written communication; as a result it is a lengthy process.

5. Indirectness:
In case of written communication another problem is lack of directness. As sender and receiver are not in a same place sometimes misunderstanding may occur. Disadvantage of written communication.

6. Lack of correction facilities:
In case of written communication there is no immediate scope for correction. It takes long time and long process to make correction if there is any mistake.

Besides these, written communication also becomes meaningless for illiterate people. It can not be understood by the people of other language. Disadvantage of written communication.

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