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What is Mass Communication?

What is Mass Communication?

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The world ‘Mass’ means ‘large group of people’. When communication takes place among large group of people then it can be termed as mass communication.

Generally, by ‘communication’, we mean ‘two way communications’, where there are only one sender and one receiver. But in case of mass communication the number of receiver is more than one. Thus it can be stated that, mass communication is that type of communication where information can be transferred to a large group of people in the same time through any media.

In the words of R. P. Molo, “Mass communication is such a process through which any individual, firms or organization and government of the state communication with the people.”

McFarland said, “Mass communication is the process of creating feelings on a particular matter among the general people and transmitting ideas of the sender.”

The concept of mass communication can be depicted by the following diagram:

Mass Communication

Fig: Mass Communication
Finally it can be stated that, mass communication is the way of communication through which message can be informed to a large audience by using mass media.

Features of Mass communication:
Features of mass communication are as follow:
1. More than two parties:
In case of mass communication there are more than two parties engaged in the communication process.

2. Specific objective:
There must be specific objectives of the mass communication.

3. Media:
Like other form of communication mass media also use different Medias for transmitting messages. Usually mass Medias are used for mass communication.
4. Barriers:
In case of mass communication there are also different types of barriers.

5. No immediate feedback:
Unlike other form of communication there is no immediate feedback in case of mass communication.
6. Interest of the receiver:
In mass communication interest of the receiver considered carefully.

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