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What is the importance of Mass Communication?

What is the importance of Mass Communication?

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In the social and economic activates Mass Communication is considered as the major means of communication.

 Importance of Mass Communication

(A) Economic Activates:
Mass communication has immense importance in case of following economic and business activates:
1. Introducing new products:
To introduce new product in the market, prospective consumers need to be informed. Mass media is necessary to inform large group of customers in the same time. Mass Communication.

2. Market survey:
For successful marketing firms need to know the views of consumers. Through questionnaires published in mass media necessary feedback can be obtained from consumers.

3. To combat competitors:
To obtain distinctive advantage over the competitors firms use different types of mass communication. Mass communication is considered as an important strategy to combat competitors.

4. Increase market share:
Different forms of mass communication are also used to increase the market share.
5. Efficient use of national resources:
Government of a country can appeal to the general people for efficient and proper use of natural resources through mass communication.

Mass Communication

(B) Social Activates:
1. To create public opinion:
Mass communication can be used to create public opinion regarding following aspects:
            i. Against Terrorism
            ii. Against Corruption
           iii. Infamous of ethical values
2. Mass Education:
For successful implementation of mass education organized mass communication used through print and audio-visual Medias.

3. For self employment:
Respective departments of the government can take initiative to inspire unemployed people through mass communication for becoming self employed.

In the light of above discussion it can be concluded that, mass communication is an indispensable part of our national life. It is required by both business concerns and government agencies to inform and to inspire the general people regarding any necessary.

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