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Requirements for Mass Communication

Requirements for Mass Communication

Hello dear friends here you will get What are the Requirements for successful mass communication? or, Requirements for Mass Communication. I guess you will get advantage from this site.
Like other forms of communication, there are some Requirements for effective mass communication preconditions are as follow:

Requirements for mass communication

1. Easy to understand:
The message of mass communication must be easily understandable to the audience.
2. Acceptance:
The success of mass communication largely depends on the acceptance of the message. Thus acceptability needs to be considered. Requirements for Mass Communication.

3. Clear concept:
The sender needs to have clear concept regarding the message to be transmitted.
4. Specific objective:
It is a ‘sin-qua none’ for the success of mass communication. Before arranging the message, specific objective must be fixed. Requirements for Mass Communication,

5. Proper media:
Selection of right media is another precondition for effective mass communication. Depending on the literacy level and expectation of the people, proper media should be selected.

6. Selection of time:
Timing of the mass communication is also an important factor liable for the achievement of goal.
7. Interest of the receiver:
In case of mass communication, for better acceptance the interest of the people should be given priority. Requirements for Mass Communication.

8. Honesty:
Honesty should be maintained throughout the mass communication process.
9. Courtesy:
For desired feedback courtesy should be maintained in case of mass communication.

10. Natural tone:
Any kind of artificial tone should be avoided in mass communication. To prove the honesty and willingness of the sender natural tone need to be followed. Requirements for Mass Communication.

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