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Advantages and disadvantages of upward communication

Advantages and disadvantages of upward communication

Hello dear friends here you will get briefly discuss the advantages and disadvantages of upward communication. I guess here you will get advantage from here.

Advantages/Importance of upward communication:
1. Feedback:
The major advantages of upward communication are, it provides feedback from the employees. As a result the communication loop (cycle) completes and management can realize the reactions of the employees.

2. Constructive idea:
Upward communication allows the employees to inform their views regarding the implementation of company policies.

3. Helps decision making:
Through upward communication top management can know the views of flower level employees which help them to make more realistic decision.

4. Establishment of good relation:
Upward communication brings executives and employees close to each other and accordingly mutual relationship developed.

5. Mutual trust:
For the success of any sort of communication trust is an essential element. As relationship developed through upward communication mutual trust also created.

6. Enhance coordination:
Opportunity to express own views and participation in the decision making enhance the level of coordination.

7. Motivation:
The task of motivation needs two way communications between the concerned parties. Upward communication enables the executives to extend appropriate motivational measures.

8. Introduction of new policy:
Upward communication also helps the executives to introduce new policies.

Upward communication

Disadvantages/Limitations of upward communication:
1. Reluctance:
In some cases employees are reluctant to provide information through upward channel.

2. Non-cooperative attitude:
Non-cooperative attitude to the executives damage the willingness of the employees to initiate upward communication.

3. Chance of distortion:
Downward communication can be distorted unconsciously but in case of upward communication information can be distorted deliberately.

4. Trend to by-pass:
Another side effect of upward communication is tendency of by passing the immediate boss, can be created among the employees.

5. Delay:
Sometimes lower level employees hesitate to inform a problem upward because doing so means acceptance of failure. Thus delays may take place to decide whether to inform the top management or try further to solve the problem.

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