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What is Memo?

Define Memo,The purposes or Functions of a Memo

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What is Memorandum? What are its Purposes?
Memorandum or memo is a short form of letter used within the company. There is no salutation in a memo. It always gives emphasis on the main messages.

In the words of Thill and Bovee; “Memos are the ‘work horses’ of business communication, used for the routine, day to day exchange of information within an organization.” What is Memo?

Every memo has four (4) compulsory elements:
                 i. To
                ii. From
               iii. Subject
                iv. Date
A memo can be depicted as follows:
Purposes of a Memo/ Functions of Memo:
Memos convey important information’s within the organization. Most of the firm use printed memo form. It is known as ‘inter office correspondence’. What is Memo?
The basic purposes or functions of a memo are as follows:

1. Routine Inquiries:
Memos are frequently used for routine inquiries.
2. Routine Responses:
To answer the routine inquiries executives and employees also use memo. This type of memo is known as routine response memo.
3. Routine responses:
In an organization memos are used to convey information’s regarding work rules, new policy, implementation of a policy, etc. What is Memo?
4. Present informal report:
Informal reports also presented through memo.
5. Make request:
Any types of request are made through memos.
6. Refusing request:
Memos can also convey negative news. Personal request can be refused through memos.
Memos are used for the above purposes.

What is Memo?

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