Thursday, December 1, 2011

The importance of internal communication

What is the importance of internal communication?

 Hello guys here you will get The importance of internal Communication.
Any organization cannot exist alone, it has to keep relation with external parties like, supplier, investors, financial institutions etc. – but these external communication is completely depends on internal processing of information. Thus it should be realized that internal communication is the basis of external communication.

Importance of internal communication

The existence of an organization will be threatened if there is lack of internal communication among the employees/members of the organization.

The importance of internal communication are as follows:
To run the business:
To ensure the smooth operation of routine activities of an organization proper internal communication is essential.

Proper supervision:
If there is lack of downward and upward internal communication then the management or the supervisors failed to understand the problems of the employees. As a result proper supervision cannot be exercised.

Internal communication is considered as the precondition for co-ordination.

Job satisfaction:
When internal communication is adequate then employees feel more secured which intern increase their job-satisfaction.

Low turnover:
In presence of proper internal communication labor turnover rate reduces considerably.

Mutual trust:
For the smooth functioning of an organization and for higher productivity there must be mutual trust between management and employees. Successful internal communication can ensure mutual trust.

Motivation of employees:
To provide proper motivational measures management need to have a clear view regarding the attitude of the employees. Without continuous internal communication proper motivation cannot be provided.

Facilitate decision making:
Participation of the employees in the decision making process not only increase the quality of decision but also ensure the better implementation of decision.

It can be concluded that internal communication has immense importance in the successful operation of an organization. Almost all the managerial functions directly depends on internal communication.

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