Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is an Order letter?

What's an Order letter?

Discuss the considerable causes for drafting an Order letter.
The letter which conveys the message for supply of solutions is known as letter of order. In other words, the letter by which a buyer formally requests a seller to supply solutions is referred to as order letter.
An order letter also treated as the formal contact in between the buyer and seller.
Example of Order Letter:

Order letter

Considerable factors for drafting order letter:
Following factors must be regarded as in drafting an order letter.
1. Detailed description with the goods.
2. Mention the delivery time.
3. Provide specifications on the solutions with regards to size, color, style, high quality etc.
4. Shipment forwarding directions i.e. the root from the transportation.
5. Mode of payment.
6. Mention around the discount factor.
7. Formal request for timely delivery.

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