Monday, December 5, 2011

What is communication model?

What is communication model?

Or, the functions/importance/advantages of communication
A model is a theoretical or symbolic presentation of a process or sequential activates. The very process of transmission of information from sender to receiver is represented by the communication model.

In other word’s a communication model describes now communication works. Accounting to Prof. Lesikar and Pettit, “in this presentation of the model, we strive to look with scientific diligence into the phenomenon of human communication.”

Thus it can be revealed that communication model is the theoretical view of the communication process which describes how one person communicates with another person.

Communication Model

Functions or Importance, Advantages of communication Model:
The communication model provides a clear picture regarding the communication process. It serves the following purposes:
1. Basic idea of human communication:
Through the communication model we can get the basic idea about human communication process.

2. Identify steps:
The communication model also helps us to indentify the sequential steps of communication.

3. Evolution of effectiveness:
Through the model, effectiveness of any communication can be evaluated. Thus necessary measures can be taken to increase the effectiveness of communication.

4. Minimizing barriers:
An analysis of the communication model also helps to detect the barriers and accordingly initiatives can be taken to minimize the barriers.

5. Analysis of communication environment:
The study of communication model also provides guidelines for analyzing the communication environment which is also essential to ensure effective communication.

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