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What is vertical communication?

What is vertical communication?

Hello dear friends here you will get define vertical communication and advantages and disadvantages of vertical communication. I hope that you will get advantage from here.

The official communication that takes place between superiors and subordinates are known as vertical communication. This is the most common form of communication of an organization. It can be downward or upward.

Vertical communication can be depicted by the following diagram:

Vertical communication

Fig: 4 Vertical communications
A: Downward vertical communication
B: Upward vertical communication.
Advantages of vertical communication:
1. Discipline:
In vertical communication official channels are used thus strict discipline can be maintained.

2. Record:
As it follows the formal media it has documentary evidence which can be used in future.

3. Provide direction:
Instructions or directions for proper implementation of official functions can be transmitted through vertical communication.

4. Feedback:
Both downward and upward communications are allowed in vertical communication which ensures proper feedback.

5. Recognition:
Vertical communication is one of the recognized media of internal communication.

6. Co-ordination:
Both wary communications under vertical system ensures coordination among the employees.

7. Dependable:
Information transmitted through vertical communication are authentic and dependable.

Disadvantages of vertical communication:
1. Time consuming:
As it follows the official channels it is a time consuming process.

2. Lack of flexibility:
Vertical communication is not flexible, thus failed to cope up with the changed situation.

3. Lack of creativity:
In vertical communication employees become mechanized and want to go by books. As a result they become less creative.

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