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What are the barriers to effective communication?

What are the barriers to effective communication?

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Different man- different minds”, it is more than true in case of communication. Without any physical barriers, simply due to psychological differences a message can be misunderstood by the receiver.

Physical barriers like noise, listening problem, geographical distance etc. are also common barriers in case of communication.
Barriers to effective communication can be classified as follows:
A. Personal Barriers:
Personal barriers have a strong effect on communication. Personal barriers are as follows:
1. Emotion:
it can affect the development of an idea, method of transmission and decoding process. Emotional biases restrict people to understand the real meaning.

2. Difference in perception:
Different people’s perceptions are different. Thus the sender may encode the message in his/her own way but the receiver can explain it differently due to difference in perception.

3. Listening:
Another personal barrier is problem in listening skill. That is only due to listening problem message can be misinterpreted.

4. Psychological distance:
Like perception attitude and overall psychological frame of mind varies from man to man. As a result same message can be viewed differently in different people.

Barriers to effective communication

B. Physical Barriers:
Physical barriers are the external forces that create adverse effect on communication process. Physical barriers are:
1. Noise:
It is very common type of physical barrier. Due to noise the receiver may failed to receive the actual meaning.

2. Geographical distance:
Sometimes geographical distance makes it difficult to have immediate feedback. As a result communication process is not completed.

3. Incorrect choice of medium:
Choice of medium depends on the nature of the message. The message can be distorted due to incorrect choice of medium.
C. Semantic barriers:
Semantic barriers are also known as language barriers. Two people both speak in same language, but still there may be language barriers between them. Semantic barriers are as follows:
1. Use of wrong words:
Depending on the education and knowledge level of the receiver proper words should be used. Language of a farmer and language of an economist are not same. Thus use of improper or wrong words is barriers to effective communication.

2. Use of colloquial language:
Use of colloquial language not only changes the original meaning, it may lead to serious misunderstanding.

3. Use of jargon:
Use of jargon or technical words with the people of different profession can create confusion.

4. Symbols:
People of different geographical region or from different culture use different kinds of symbols. In real world it is also observed that same symbol has different meanings in different countries.
D. Organizational barriers:
Business communication is also influenced by organizational barriers. Major organizational barriers are:
1. Information overload:
Individuals capacity is limited, thus when too much messages need to be answered in the same time then it creates overload and communication failed.

2. Message complexity:
Sometimes due to the very nature of the subject matter messages become complex and complicated.

3. Message competition:
In a big organization often messages compete each other for attention. A manager can face problem if he asked something over telephone while he/she is writing a report.

4. Status:
In an organization employees of lower status sometimes face problem to communicate negative news to the top management. As a result communication gap is created.

5. Lack of trust:
it is another organizational barrier to effective communication. For successful communication there should be a trusting environment within the organization.

6. Unethical communication:
unethical communication seriously damage the goodwill of the organization. Thus messages should be ethical and credible.

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