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Scope of Business Communication

Scope of business communication

Hello dear friends here you will get The scope of business communication Or, the subject matter of business communication. I hope that you will get advantage from here.
We are social being, to live or to exist in the society we have to communicate each other, we spend more time in communicating than doing anything else. (Lesilak and Pettit 1996). Thus different kinds of activities, like personal, social, national, global, political, religious, cultural, financial etc. all are within the scope of communication. Scopes of communication are as follows:


Business Communication

From personal context:
An individual can do nothing without communication. He or she can achieve his or her goal of life and maintain proper relation with relatives and other by effective communication.

Form social context:
Men of societies communicate each other in various meeting, function etc. and contribute for social development.

From organizational context:
Communication involves proper planning, decision making, controlling, directing, coordinating etc. and plays role to achieve organizational goal.

From political context:
Political parties depend on various media of communication to face their opposition and get power. Such as: Radio, television, newspaper, meeting, public gathering, press conference etc.

Form religious context:
Without proper communication it is not possible to give perfect concept about each religion to their followers. Religious group depend on interpersonal, intergroup and mass communication to preach their religion.

From global context:
Every nation of present world depends on each other in different affairs. For this reason UN, EU, NAFTA, SAARC, are formed to maintain international communication.

From national context:
Effective communication system helps general public to participate various government activities through their elected representatives and coordinate among the various government authorities and departments to develop socio-economic condition of the country.

From the context of business:
Effective communication aid management or owner to maintain good relation between internal (I,e employees) and external parties (i.e. Bank, tax authorities etc.) to maximize production, sales, and profit of the business or industry.

From financial context:
All financial matters of various organizations and parties are settled under effective communication system.

Form cultural context:
Cultural activities are controlled and increased by various media and way of communication such as: Radio, television etc.

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