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What is attitude in a business letter?

What is attitude in a business letter?

What is the importance of ‘you’ attitude in a business letter?
 Hello guys here you will get the importance of Your attitude in a business letter.
As we know from analyzing our own mental filters, we human beings are self centered creatures. Because we are self-centered, we tend to see each situation from our own points of view. In letter writing situations, this attitude may lead us to a writer-oriented, we-view point approach – one that places emphasis on ourselves and our interests rather than on our readers and their interests.

Such approaches obviously do not elicit the most positive responses in our readers, because they too are self-centered. The result is not conducive to building goodwill, nor does it help get your readers to do things you want them to do. you can achieve more positive effects by writing in the reader’s point of view. (R. V. Lesikar and J. D. Pettit, Jr, 1996: P. 137)

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From the above paragraph we can reveal the following things:
1. We like to explain any situation from our own point of view.
2. We actually observe and understand what we want to observe and understand.
3. As an individual like us, our reader also likes to explain the situation from his/her point of view.
4. To make the reader convinced and to get favorable response from the reader, reader’s attitude should be realized.

In the words of lesikar and Pettit, “You-view point writing emphasizes the reader’s interests. It is an attitude that focuses on the reader’s point of view”.

Thus it can be stated that by adopting you-view point following benefits can be enjoyed:
1. Creation of friendly atmosphere.
2. Motivation the reader.
3. Establishment of mutual trust.
4. Can create favorable outcome even in a bad-news situation.
5. Accomplishment of the goal of the letter.
6. Enhance goodwill of the firm.

Finally it can be said that for the above benefits the ‘you’ attitude is not only important but also essential for effective letter writing.

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