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What is two-way communication?

What is two-way communication?

Or, The importance of tow-way communication
The communication that takes place between two parties (sender and receiver)- is known as two-way communication. But the main feature of two-way communication is the flow of information from both ways.

In two-way communication first sender a message and the receiver provides response to the sender.
Form the above discussion the major features of two-way communication can be listed as follows:

two-way communication

Importance of two-way communication:
Importance of two-way communication can be discussed in the following manner:
1. Effective communication:
Communication experts advocated that two-way communication is the real communication, where ‘exchange’ of ideas is possible.

2. Implementation of decisions:
In an organization decision are made by the top management, but those are implemented by the lower level employees. If there is no two-way communication then proper implementation of decision will not be possible.

3. Better understanding:
Where there is no counter flow of information or feedback, there the level of understanding between the sender and receiver also very poor. Only two-way communication ensures better understanding.

4. Employee motivation:
It has been proved that the organization where the scope for two-way communication exist, the management can collect more information about the attitudes of the employees. As a result it becomes easier on the part of management to take proper motivational measures.

5. Reduce employee turnover:
Two-way communication between management and employees minimizes misunderstanding and as a result employee turnover rate reduces considerably.

6. Increase productivity:
As two-way communication helps employee motivation, the job satisfaction of employee’s increases. In turn, the productivities of the firm increased.

Therefore it can be safely that, two-way communication has immense importance in the achievement of organizational goal.

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