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Overcome communication Barriers

Overcome communication barriers

How the influence of barriers can be minimized?
Or, how barriers to communication can be overcome?
Or, how barriers to communication can be removed?
Hello guys here you will get that how to you will Removed or Overcome Communication Barriers.
To make effective communication, barriers need to be removed. Following measures can be taken to minimize the adverse effect to barriers.

1. You-view approach:
To minimize the perception problem the sender should collect information regarding the attitude, level of knowledge and background of the receiver.
2. Observing the receiver:
To overcome listening barriers in a face to face situation the sender should try to realize the understanding level of the receiver through his or her (receiver’s ) eye movement and facial expression. By observing the receivers, his/her reaction can be explained and corrective action can be taken.

3. Noise Minimization:
To eliminate physical barriers noise should be minimized.

4. Choice of proper media:
Another way of minimizing physical barriers is choosing right media for right person.

5. Avoid wrong words:
Wrong word should be avoided to minimize semantic or language barriers.

Communication Barriers Removed

6. Explanation of jargon:
If technical words or jargons used then explanation of technical words also should be provided.

7. Avoid unnecessary information:
To overcome information overload unnecessary information should be avoided. Priorities should be given for the necessary information.

8. Guideline for complex messages:
To overcome the barriers of complex messages one should try to keep messages as simple as possible. Moreover guidelines can be provided with the complex messages.

9. Secure attention:
A particular individual or receiver should not be asked to answer different message at the sometime. In this way barriers of message competition can be overcome.

10. Willingness to give and receive bad news:
The status barriers which creates communication gap can be resolved by increasing the willingness of upper level and lower level employees to receive and give negative news.

11. Employees’ participation in decision making:
To overcome trust barriers top management should share information with employees. Moreover employees’ participation in decision making will also minimize trust problems.

12. Ensure ethical communication:
to avoid unethical problems message should be completely truthful and not deceptive.

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