Thursday, December 1, 2011

What is an adjustment letter?

What is an adjustment letter?

What are the essential factors of an adjustment letter?
Letter that written in response to a complaint letter is known as adjustment letter. In other words adjustment letters are written to resolve the claim raised by the customer or sender of complaint letter.

Adjustment letters also follow a formal but friendly tone to hold the mutual relationship. Reply to the complaint letter may be favorable or unfavorable or unfavorable but it must be drafted to resolve the dispute that arises due to the claim.
Examples of Adjustment Letter

adjustment letter

Essential Factors:
1. Admit the fault if the customer is right.
2. Immediate response should be provided.
3. Express sorry for own fault.
4. Provide assurance for rectification.
5. Use of polite language.
6. Maintaining courtesy.
7. Logical explanation
8. Provide necessary corrective action (if necessary).

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