Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Types of Application Letter

Types of Application Letter

Hello dear friends here you will get Different Types of Application letter. On the basis of announcement of the job application letter can be of two (2) types:
1. Solicited Application:
It is an application letter that is sent in response to an announced job.

Types of Application Letter

i. Announcement of the job is made through advertisement.
ii. Required qualifications are known to the candidate.
iii. Large number of applicants.
iv. Need to follow specific guideline.
v. Source of information must be mentioned.
2. Unsolicited Application:
This type of application is written for the job which has not been announced by the company.

i. No announcement is made
ii. Required qualifications are unknown to the candidates.
iii. Small number of application.
iv. Less formal.
v. Can attract more attention

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